Swedish Massage

Massage is very relaxing and beneficial, melting away tension and stress.  It also helps with muscular aches and pains, increases circulation and the blood flow towards the heart.

Indian Head Massage

This involves massage of the neck, shoulders and head, and is enjoyable.


This begins with a foot massage, and then works on specific areas, the feet act as a mirror for the rest of the body, thus the whole body is being treated.


Reiki is an energy balancing technique.  The life-force energy is applied through the practitioner’s hands and flows throughout the body.  Usually found to be very calming.

Facial Therapy

A facial consists of cleansing, facial scrub, massage, mask, toner and moisturiser.  Very relaxing.

Hot Stone Therapy

Using hot stones, this relaxes and calms the body.  It releases tension, aches and pains, and the heat gives a firmer massage.


Cancellation Policy

50% of the full treatment price will be charged unless at least 48 hours cancellation notice is given.